• Find the right 23/24 opera for you!

    By COC Staff

    Struggling to decide which of this season’s operas are for you? Hesitate no longer—because we’ve compiled a quick and easy list of recommendations based on a range of theatrical, literary, and cinematic inspirations!

    Read on to discover the operas you’re likely to love this year!


    If You Like...
    • Uplifting stories about the triumph of justice, like Shawshank Redemption
    • Tales of overcoming unjust authority, like Les Misérables and The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner
    • Critiques of state surveillance, like 1984
    • Courageous female freedom-fighters encapsulating the spirit of Liberty Leading the People
    You Should See… Fidelio

    If You Like...
    • Iconic, grand opera like La Traviata
    • Romantic tearjerkers such as The Notebook
    • Moonstruck (One for the trivia buffs: the opera scene features two COC Ensemble Studio members and was directed by former COC General Director Lotfi Mansouri!)
    • Moulin Rouge
    • Rent (Fun fact: Jonathan Larson loosely based his iconic musical on Bohème!)
    You Should See… La Bohème 

    If You Like...
    • Enchanting fables
    • Fantastical fairytales like The Magic Flute
    • Fantastic Mr. Fox, and other playful reflections on our connection with Mother Nature
    You Should See… The Cunning Little Vixen

    If You Like...
    • Classic opera
    • Visual spectacles
    • Twisted and topsy-turvy Mozart comedies like The Marriage of Figaro
    You Should See… Don Giovanni

    If You Like...
    • Slapstick comedy
    • The Barber of Seville and other theatrical love-triangles
    • The 1960s flair of Mad Men
    • Our 2014 production of Falstaff
    You Should See… Don Pasquale

    If You Like...
    • Greek tragedy
    • Dark revenge stories like Gone Girl
    • Novels such as Circe and The Song of Achilles
    • Epic operas like last year’s Macbeth—also directed by Sir David McVicar
    You Should See… Medea

    If You Like...
    • Boundary-breaking new opera
    • Canadian music history
    • Unconventional biography
    • True stories of underrepresented icons such as Hidden Figures
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