• Why You Should Consider a Standing Room Ticket

    By Cecily Carver

    This fall, standing room tickets are being made available at the Four Seasons Centre for the first time. Standing room is exactly what it sounds likerather than a seat, you have a specific, numbered spot behind a railing to stand during the opera.

    Perhaps you're wondering why you'd want to stand when you could sit? In certain circumstances, a standing room ticket might meet your needs perfectly. Here are a few reasons to take your opera standing up:

    1. At $12 apiece, standing room tickets are more affordable than an evening at the multiplex (and you don't have to pay extra for 3D).

    2. Many of  the standing room spots are at Orchestra level, much closer to the stage than seats in the upper rings.

    3. Standing room seats go on sale the day of the performance, so you can attend spontaneously rather than needing to plan weeks in advance.

    4. If you tried to buy a regular ticket only to find them all sold out, you'll have a second chance to see the performance when the standing room tickets go on sale.

    5. You'll handily win the race to the bar at intermission.

    (Photo via Flickr user neoliminal)

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