• Our Honeybees are Tough!

    By Gianna Wichelow
    Beekeeper Fred Davis updates us on the honeybees that live on the roof the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. located at 145 Queen St. W., here in Toronto:

    It's been a long, tough summer for all the honeybees in Ontario. I've been reading quite a bit and speaking with a number of beekeepers and the indications are that the extreme heat and humidity really played havoc with the flowers and the amount of nectar they were able to produce.[READ MORE]
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  • Queens on Queen

    By Gianna Wichelow Posted in FSCPA Honeybees
  • Requeening the Hives

    By Gianna Wichelow
    We will be requeening all the hives this year which I think, together with what appears will be a long summer, should improve the longevity, health and disposition of the hives. I've noticed the queens have slowed brood production when we need it. A good beekeeper must consider and prepare for the next[READ MORE]
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