• Opera in 10 Podcast: Così fan tutte

    By Stéphane Mayer

    Ensemble Studio pianist and coach Stéphane Mayer gives you the rundown on what to listen for in Mozart's Così fan tutte, including character transformations, deceptive cadences, and a passage that proved too difficult for the opera's original cast to sing!

    Posted in Opera in 10
  • Hearing Familiar Music with New Ears

    By COC Staff

    Right from its premiere in 1790, Mozart’s Così fan tutte has proven to be a vexing one for operagoers.

    First sparking criticism for its scandalous immorality, now interrogated for the way it paints its female leads, the opera continues to be a springboard for conversation. With the piece making a high-profile return to the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts this winter, we wanted to dig deeper with musicologist Margaret Cormier to get her take on some of the more intriguing – and perennially problematic – aspects of the opera.

    Posted in 18/19


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