• How to Talk to Your Relatives About Opera

    By COC Staff

    We’ve all been there. You’re at the dinner table, the topic of your opera obsession comes up, and it's met with any combination of the following:

    “I just don’t get it…”
    “I find opera boring...”
    “It’s too expensive...”
    “It’s just not for me...”

    Well, before you lose your chill, we've developed a highly rigorous, scientifically tested collection of snappy comebacks to make the most adamant non-opera human wonder if perhaps it’s time to give our favourite art form a test drive.

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  • Ian Cusson Named as COC's New Composer-in-Residence

    By COC Staff

    The Canadian Opera Company Academy, a pioneering development program to foster young opera artists, creators and administrators, is piloting a new artistic development opportunity in 2019: the Composer-in-Residence program, for which Canadian composer Ian Cusson has been selected as the inaugural artist. Cusson begins his residency with the COC on August 19, 2019.[READ MORE]
    Posted in COC Academy
  • Christine Goerke is Elektra

    By COC Staff

    Every now and then, a performer steps into a role with such breathtaking authority it becomes impossible to imagine anybody else attempting the part. Christine Goerke is one such artist, offering an interpretation that sets a generational standard.

    Posted in Elektra

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