• #MyOperaStory

    By COC Staff
    Through our Opera Under 30 program, young cultural omnivores can sample a fusion of music, drama, choreography, and design—all at a smooth $22/ticket.

    We asked some of these arts lovers how they discovered opera and what keeps them coming back.

    An opera couple

    Julien and Elena

    “We were both raised in Europe by opera lovers and had the chance to see beautiful productions at a relatively young age...

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  • 9 Things to Know About Anna Bolena

    By COC Staff


    Henry VIII has tired of his queen, Anne Boleyn, and seeks to replace her with Jane Seymour. Although still attached to her first love, Percy, Anne yearns to save her marriage, while Jane is consumed with guilt at her involvement. Ultimately, Anne is accused of having illicit relationships with three other men (Percy, her brother, and her page) and all four are executed.

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  • Urban Dance Company Gadfly Unpacks UNBXBL 2 for the Free Concert Series

    By Mischa Jackson

    Gadfly is one of Toronto’s leading urban dance repertory companies. Established in 2006 by Apolonia Velasquez and Ofilio Sinbadinho, the company aims to give visibility to the city’s underrepresented street dance community.

    Since its inception, their intricately choreographed productions have earned them numerous accolades, including a highly coveted Dora Award, and a Manifesto Award for Innovation & Originality.

    On April 25, they bring their latest production, UNBXBL 2, to the Free Concert Series. Ahead of their performance, Ofilio talked to the COC about his love for urban dance, upcoming projects and the future of Gadfly.

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